‘Dr’s Grow UP’ will soon be off the starting blocks in the US market

Being tall has many perks: getting more swipes on Tinder, having unobstructed views at crowded concerts, and best of all, it might lead to a higher income. A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology identified, that even just an extra inch could be worth about $800 in higher earnings per year. The height premium that tall people enjoy is often explained by the fact that they tend to act like leaders from a very young age. Because other children relate to them like a slightly older peer. This leads to the assumption, that our height as teenagers could be decisive for the rest of our life.

Surprisingly, our height growth is partly in our own hands. Scientists estimate that about 60% to 80% of the actual height is determined by our genes, the remainder by environmental factors. The height growth process happens mainly due to the work of the epiphyseal plates or growth plates at the end of our long bones. During childhood and teenage years, those growth bones are active or open until the age of about 20 to 24 years. During those years a healthy lifestyle can have a major impact on the height teenagers will have as an adult.

Many people claim that eating specific foods, stretching, hanging exercises or other hacks can make you a few inches taller. But the 3 basic environmental factors for natural growth in height are mainly nutrition, sleep, and exercise. A balanced diet is key in helping both men and women to improve their height. It is essential that our body receives vital minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to ensure the growth potential will be fulfilled. Both the depth and duration of sleep are vital for the body to produce the human growth hormone (HGH). Regular exercise is beneficial for generating strong bones and therefore a taller height. If all those factors are taken into account by teenagers and young adults, they are more likely to fulfill their height growth potential.

‘Bone Science’ will soon launch its newly developed product ‘Dr’s Grow UP’ in the US market. The product contains a 100% natural blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients, that are suggested to have an impact on height growth. One package of ‘Dr’s Grow UP’ includes 2 containers: AM and PM – to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients throughout the day.